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The Autobiography of Jerry Cummings

This profound autobiography of Jerry Cummings is the true story of a child who was called at birth, a Child of Destiny.

Jerry Cummings, who was raised around music as a child in Augusta, GA, knew at age 4 that he wanted to record music in a studio one day.  His musical inclination and drive not only came from external forces but it was also ingrained in him.  In 1955, Jerry's grandmother, Florence, recorded "CC Rider" as young Jerry watched. 


Ten years later, Jerry's mother took him to the Howard Theater to see the James Brown Review, Otis Redding, The Temptations, and the Motown Revue.  While Jerry already knew he was destined for musical greatness these visits to the Howard Theater shaped his future in ways he may not have recognized at the time.  


In the early 1970s while Jerry was only in his early 20s he met Harold Melvin.  Harold Melvin owned Harold Melvin Enterprises in Philadelphia and this meeting would set Jerry on his path to not only gold records but to glory. In 1972, Jerry joined Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, along with Teddy Pendergrass, as a tenor.  Jerry would enjoy years of success with the group and performed in many venues throughout the United States.   

At one show at the Apollo Theater, Jerry met Kool and The Gang. Faith in Islam played a very important role in the lives of the band members.  Jerry, aka Jeremiah, for many years practiced Muslim convictions and continued on his musical journey.


It wasn’t until 1997, at the age of 45, that Jerry went from Gold Records to the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through his ministry and co-ministry with his wife Dr. Gloria Maria Cummings, together they spread His message, “Wake Up Everybody, the King is Here”.

From Gold To Glory will take you on not only a historical musical journey but also one of faith, spiritual awakening, and empowerment. 

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The History of Soul Music The fantastic debut by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes wasn't meant to be. Most of these songs, including "If You Don't Know Me By Now," were originally written for the Dells, but the deal fell through. Harold Melvin got the opportunity because Teddy Pendergrass had a voice similar to Dells lead singer Marvin Junior and when Harold Melvin discovered Jerry Cummings who reminded him of Jerry's Uncle Johnny Carter of the Dells and the former Flamingoes Tenor. Harold made the switch and replaced Lloyd Parks with Jerry Cummings one of the clearest sopranos you ever heard.

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