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We are thrilled to offer several items for purchase.  Here you can find the pre-order for the Autobiography: From Gold To Glory as well as CDs, downloads and more. We are continually adding new merchandise to our on-line store - we hope you visit often.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

From Gold To Glory - The Autobiography o


Take a journey through the early days of Jerry's prominent role in soul and R&B music, and witness his transformation from gold records to glorious gospel. 



That evening when Jerry heard Harold yell to the orchestra “My Hero” and looked at Jerry, Harold said "step up front Jerry" and Jerry sang it without rehearsing it!  Mr. Bernstein in the meantime sat on the front row in his black tuxedo and carnation with his family that evening and when Jerry hit that high soprano note at the conclusion of the song, the audience rose up on their feet screaming “Bravo”.  Harold said, "Jerry take a couple of bows".   Jerry also had the pleasure of personally meeting Mr. Bernstein.


About a month ago Jerry was told that the files for the concert were stored in a University and that Jerry can have it if he wanted it and for him to just tell the University who he is.   So, miraculously after 48 years, Jerry was given access to the files and today Jerry along with his engineers are mastering those files for a major release on February 26, 2021, around the world.  The release is called:

“Jerry Cummings - Live in Carnegie Hall 1974…. My Hero”.  


Originally recorded in 1978 and never released, we a thrilled to release It's My Pleasure on this CD featuring 7 tracks. 

  • It's My Pleasure

  • Oh, What A Woman

  • BONUS TRACK: He Loves You and I Do, Too

  • The Other Part Of Me

  • Stronger Than Ever

  • All I Do Is Think Of You

  • (Instrumental) Oh, What A Woman


Released in 2018, Harold Melvin's Blue Notes recalls a classic. "If You Don't Know Christ By Now" is a remake of the former #1 hit, "If You Don't Know Me By Now," but with new lyrics of praise written by Cummings, who also produced the song for the group.