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Audio Tracks: Jerry Cummings' Radio Interview on KCOH with Kerry Lewis

KCOH Radio Interview with Jerry Cummings

Hello, soul music, Motown enthusiasts and fans of Jerry Cummings! Today, we have a special treat for you. We are thrilled to share an exclusive audio track from a radio interview featuring the legendary Blue Note himself. The interview took place on KCOH with the renowned host Kerry Lewis, and it's a captivating conversation you won't want to miss!

Jerry Cummings Reflects on Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

In this radio interview, Jerry Cummings delves into the unforgettable era of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. With Kerry Lewis guiding the conversation, Cummings shares his thoughts on the group's iconic sound, their impact on the soul music landscape, and the enduring legacy they left behind. Get ready to be transported back in time as Cummings reminisces about the magic and camaraderie that defined the Blue Notes' heyday.

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